SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP0 Release Notes

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Refer to What's New, available from the Help menu, for descriptions of new functionality.

End of Life Announcements - SOLIDWORKS Products


Online licensing is not available in SOLIDWORKS 2022 products. Even if online licensing is enabled, you cannot use the online licensing login to install or use SOLIDWORKS 2022 products. Before running SOLIDWORKS 2022 products, change the activation type to machine activation in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.


SOLIDWORKS PCB 2023 SP3 is the last supported release of SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector.

PhotoView 360

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5 is the last supported release of PhotoView 360.

End of Life Announcements - Microsoft Products

The information below is subject to change based on the Microsoft® support schedule.

For current information about SOLIDWORKS active products and End of Life products, see SOLIDWORKS and SW PDM System Requirements. For Microsoft Operating System Lifecycle information, see Microsoft’s Lifecycle FAQ - Windows.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5 is the last release to support Windows® Server 2016.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 products will not install on Windows® Server 2016.

Microsoft Excel 2016 and Word 2016

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5 is the last release to support Microsoft Excel 2016 and Microsoft® Word 2016.

Microsoft Excel 2019 and Word 2019

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5 is the last release to support Microsoft Excel 2019 and Microsoft Word 2019.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5 is the last release to support Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2024 SP5 will be the last release to support SQL Server 2017.

System and Graphics Requirements

IMPORTANT: Update your graphics driver to take advantage of the new GPU-accelerated graphics system in SOLIDWORKS 2022. Failure to update your graphics driver can result in performance and stability problems.

For optimum graphics performance and stability, see Hardware Certification.

To ensure successful installation and optimum performance, see SOLIDWORKS and SW PDM System Requirements.


For SOLIDWORKS Visualize to work properly with NVIDIA® Iray® or 3DS Stellar Physically Correct GPU support, you need an NVIDIA® graphics card based on at least the Maxwell microarchitecture with a minimum NVIDIA® driver version 472.98 supporting CUDA® 11.4.

To ensure successful installation and optimum performance, see Prerequisites and System Requirements.


DVD Distribution Media

Beginning with SOLIDWORKS 2020, DVD distribution media is provided only on request. Contact your Reseller for more information.

Anti-virus Software

Some antivirus software prevents proper installation of SOLIDWORKS. For more information, see Antivirus Products.

Modifying SOLIDWORKS PDM Server Installations

To modify an installation of SOLIDWORKS PDM Server and its components, use Programs and Features from the Windows Control Panel. You cannot modify the installation with SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager (SLDIM), even if that is what you used to install SOLIDWORKS PDM Server.

Reactivating SOLIDWORKS Perpetual Licenses

Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2022, commercial and educational customers who have purchased perpetual licenses of SOLIDWORKS products will be required to reactivate their licenses once a year. The licenses never expire but need to be reactivated periodically regardless of whether or not customers remain on subscription. Term licenses and student licenses are not affected.

Reactivation applies to SOLIDWORKS 2022 stand-alone products but not to earlier versions.

Reactivation applies to SolidNetWork License products after an organization has updated to the 2022 License Manager. Even if the installed products are from an earlier release, the 2022 licenses on the server will require reactivation once a year.

Technical Alerts

Windows 10 Fonts Missing

Some fonts that shipped in prior versions of Windows have moved into optional features in Windows 10. When upgrading to Windows 10, these fonts might not be installed on your system. If you find that a SOLIDWORKS document uses a font that is no longer installed on your computer, refer to the Microsoft Knowledge base article 3083806.

Missing Non-English Characters When Exporting Text to PDF Files

When you save a drawing document as a PDF file, and the drawing contains non-English (non-ASCII) characters, the appropriate fonts must be available to render the characters. If the specified font is not installed on your computer or does not support Unicode character glyphs, then the Arial Unicode MS font is used. If the Arial Unicode MS font is also missing, then the characters fail to render. The Arial Unicode MS font is not provided with Microsoft® Office® 2016 software. (See Windows 10 Fonts Missing, above.) Workaround: To install the Arial Unicode MS font, install both Microsoft® Office Professional Plus 2013 (minimal installation with only International Options enabled) and Microsoft® Office (2016 or later).

Microsoft Office Documents Embedded in SOLIDWORKS Documents

Recommendation: Use the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. If you are embedding Microsoft Office 32-bit OLE objects in SOLIDWORKS documents, refer to the Microsoft Knowledge base article 983396 to fix OLE objects displaying as an icon.

Microsoft Windows 11 64-Bit

SOLIDWORKS 2022 SP02 includes support for Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit operating system for all SOLIDWORKS products.



SOLIDWORKS does not support GLTF/GLB files and you cannot export these files from SOLIDWORKS. You can use SOLIDWORKS Visualize to export to GLTF/GLB.


What's New SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP0

In What's New SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP0, the topic, Limiting Geometric Tolerances to a Standard, mentions an option in the Tolerance dialog box. The option, Enable/Disable options per standard, lets you choose all symbols for geometric tolerances or limit symbols to a standard. The option is not in the Tolerance dialog box. The functionality is in Document Properties.

To access the option Enable/Disable options per standard:
  • In a drawing, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Annotations > Geometric Tolerances.
  • To include all geometric tolerance symbols, clear the option.
  • To limit symbols to a standard, select the option.